The Higashikawa Awards 2016

The Domestic Photographer Award

The 32nd Higashikawa Award Winners - Domestic Photographer Award

Taishi Hirokawa

Lives in Tokyo

For the photobook “BABEL – ORDINARY LANDSCAPES –” (AKAKA, 2015) and his accomplishments as a photographer

Born in Zushi City, Kanagawa in 1950. Established his office in 1974. His photos have been prolific in magazines and advertising.
 Following the Fukushima Atomic power plant accident, his photography book “STILL CRAZY - Nuclear Power Plants As Seen in Japanese Landscapes -“ (Korinsha Press, 1994) gained a higher reputation. He photographed all 53 power plants in Japan in an effort to capture the modern Japanese landscape. Although invisible beyond the seacoast, his photos thrust before us the hidden reality of the national power plants project. Started at the same time as “STILL CRAZY”, the ongoing series “TIMESCAPES” captures double exposures of the great rocks and mountains in the deserts of the world against the night sky using long exposure to combine the images under the daylight. He expresses in photography the power of nature which surpasses human wisdom. The photography book “Babel - ORDINARY LANDSCAPES -” (AKAAKA Art Publishing Inc. 2015) contains images of highway construction, sites of building destruction, mountains stripped of gravel, and disaster stricken areas. His works express his viewpoint of the contrast between desire-driven human actions which affect nature and nature’s indifference and timelessness. They serve as a superlative criticism of civilization.
 He received the Photography Award of the Kodansha Publishing Culture Award with “Family Portraits” in 1986. He won the Photographic Society of Japan Award for “TIMESCAPES - Mugen Senritsu” (Aoki Shoten Co.) and his solo exhibition in 2003. Recent exhibitions include “BABEL - ordinary landscapes -” (CANON Gallery S, Tokyo, 2005), “TIMESCAPES 2016” (Taisho University ESPACE KUU, Tokyo, 2016). He was a professor at Tokyo Polytechnic University from 2011 to 2015.

  • Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, August 2006

    From the series "BABEL-ORDINARY LANDSCAPES-"

  • Iwafune-Town, Tochigi, November 2008

    From the series "BABEL-ORDINARY LANDSCAPES-"

  • Kamaishi-City, Iwate, April 2011

    From the series "BABEL-ORDINARY LANDSCAPES-"

  • Okuma-Town, Fukushima, August 2014

    From the series "BABEL-ORDINARY LANDSCAPES-"

  • 19 August 1993
    Kansai Electric power Co., Inc., Mihama

    From the series "STILL CRAZY-Nuclear power plants as seen in Japanese landscapes-"

  • #48, Jun. 21-22, 2001 Cathedral Valley, Utah, U.S.A
    toward northwest

    From the series "TIMESCAPES"

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