The Higashikawa Awards 2016

Hidano Kazuemon Award

The 32nd Higashikawa Award Winners - Hidano Kazuuemon Award

Yoshimi Ikemoto

Lives in Tottori

For long-term achievement in photographing Sanin area with a focus on Tottori Prefecture, including photography series “Kinsei miseya ko”

Born in Tottori City, Tottori in 1944. He discovered photography at the newspaper company where he held his first job. He graduated from Nippon Photography Institute (now known as Japan Institute of Photography And Film, Osaka) in 1967. In 1970, he established the Ikemoto Yoshimi Photography Office in his hometown of Tottori city. Beginning in 1977, he worked for the late Ueda Shoji for nearly 20 years as an assistant. He continued to take photographs of the Sanin area featuring its regional culture as a theme. He received a Tottori City Culture Award in 1999. He revamped his office and opened the Ikemoto Yoshimi Little Museum of Photography to promote and nurture Sanin culture this spring.
 In the 1970’s, he began a series called “Sode fureaumo”. These snapshots portray the spirituality and memories of the Sanin area. Meanwhile, he also continued the ongoing series “Kinsei miseya ko”. This began with a photo of a barber in Aoya-cho, Tottori city in 1983. It has since expanded to include a warehouse, shoe shop, laundromat, fishmonger and candy store—about 60 industries and over 100 stores. In addition to the Polaroid Gallery Toranomon (Tokyo, 1986), he has exhibited his works at Nikon Salon (Tokyo, Osaka, 2015) and other places as well as overseas galleries.
 His most prominent works are “Sode fureaumo” (G.I.P. Tokyo, 1993), “Ikemoto Yoshimi Collection: A hundred Scenes of Tottori” (The Tottori Bank, 1999), “ Kinsei miseya ko” (Godo Printing Company Limited, 2006), “ Portraits of Inpaku: memories of the future”.

  • "Kinsei miseya ko (On older shops)" series
    Takagi fishing store

    Kawaramachi, Tottori

  • "Kinsei miseya ko (On older shops)" series
    Kuroda Shop

    Suehiro Onsencho, Tottori

  • "Kinsei miseya ko (On older shops)" series
    Tajimi liquor shop

    Yayoicho, Tottori

  • "Kinsei miseya ko (On older shops)" series
    Nikkkoya laundry

    Ketakacho Hogi, Tottori

  • "Sode fureau mo (chance meetings)" series

    Yakumocho, Matsue, Shimane

  • "Sode fureau mo (chance meetings)" series

    Mio Port, Hyogo

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