Award Winners Exhibition 2018- Outline                               

Exhibition of the 34th Higashikawa Award Winners

Overseas Photographer Award
Marian Penner Bancroft
Domestic Photographer Award
New Photographer Award
Special Photographer Award
Hidano Kazuuemon Award

4 August (Sat.) – 29 August (Wed.), 2018
Higashikawa Bunka Gallery, Hokkaido
10:00-17:30 (except August 4, 15:00-21:00)
Open every day during the exhibition period
¥200 (¥100 for residents) *Free on 4 and 5 August

Organize: The Town of Photography: Higashikawa
Address: 1-19-8 Higashi-machi, Higashikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gun, 071-1423 Hokkaido
Tel: (+81)-(0)166-82-4700
Fax: (+81)-(0)166-82-4704

Event Schedule

4 August (Sat.)
14:00~14:30 Award Ceremony
15:30-17:00 Opening Reception
5 August (Sun.)

13:00~17:30 Panel Discussion

Panelists: award winners, judges and guests

Organaized by
The Town of Photography Higashikawa Executive Committee
[The Town of Photography Higashikawa, Higashikawa Tourism Association, JA (Japan Agricultural Cooperatives) Higashikawa, Higashikawa Commerce and Industry Association]

With the assistance of

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Ministry of the Environment, AGENCY FOR CULTURAL AFFAIRS, Hokkaido Regional Development Bureau, Hokkaido Government、Hokkaido Board of Education, Asahikawa City, The Photographic Society of Japan, Japan Professional Photographers Society, Japan Advertising Photographers’ Association, Japan photo culture association, Japan Travel Photographers Association, THE ALL-JAPAN ASSOCIATION OF PHTOGRAPHIC SOCIETIES, Photographers Federation of Japan, Hokkaido Tourism Organization, The Hokkaido Shimbun Press, THE MAINICHI NEWSPAPERS, The Asahi Shimbun Press Hokkaido Branch, THE YOMIURI SHIMBUN HOKKAIDO BRANCH, The Nikkei Asahikawa bureau, STⅤ, HTB, UHB, TVH, AIR-G’FM Hokkaido, FM NORTH WAVE

Sponsored by

EPSON SALES JAPAN CORPORATION, Canon Marketing Japan Inc., SIGMA CORPORATION, NIKON CORPORATION, NIKON IMAGING JAPAN INC., FUJIFILM Imaging Systems Co., Ltd. , SanDisk Limited, Cosmos International, JAPAN PHOTO AND VIDEO ACCESSORY ASSOCIATION,, Japan Camera Industry Institute, Sony Corporation, Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc., BIC CAMERA INC.,Taisetsu Water Resources Conservation Co.Ltd, Hasselblad Japan, Manfrotto Distribution KK, mont-bell Co., Ltd. , HORIUCHI COLOR LTD, TOKYO INSTITUTE OF PHOTOGRAPHY,

  • Marian Penner Bancroft

    PARASOL MUSHROOM (macrolepiota procera)

    Found by the roadside (A1095) in Suffolk, UK; native globally in temperate regions, first described in print in Europe in 1772 by Giovanni Antonio Scopoli, a Tyrolean naturalist. (4x)

    from the series “Radial Systems” 2017
    (Originals 30”x30” chromogenic prints)

  • USHIODA Tokuko

    I took a photo of an “Elementary School Japanese Dictionary”with so many bookmarks that it looks like broccoli.

    An elementary school in Kyoto

  • YOSHINO Erika

    Untitled, 2013

    Courtesy of Taka Ishii Gallery Photography / Film
    Chromogenic Print

  • OHASHI Eiji

    Toyohira, Sapporo, Hokkaido

    December 2016
    from the series " Roadside Lights"

  • TOMIOKA Keiso

    “Fixed Point Photography of Sukiyabashi Intersection”

    Nichigeki (Nihon Gekijo Theatre) at Sukiyabashi intersection 1959(top)
    Sukiyabashi intersection with high rise developments 2017(bottom)

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