Photo Festival Friends

Photo Festival Friends

An exhibition of the work of photographers who have received the Higashikawa Awards is presented every year by a group of volunteers from all over the country known as the Photo Festival Friends. The volunteers are trained in a workshop conducted by instructors experienced in holding exhibitions and apply their training to organize the award winners’ exhibition. This project gives them the opportunity to deal directly with the works of the award-winning photographers and to learn all the tasks involved in creating an exhibition, from handling the photographs to preparing and setting up the exhibit. They learn the manual skills of measuring, matting, framing, and hanging the photographs as well as making labels and arranging lighting. They also have an opportunity to associate with the photographers.

Work Performed by the Volunteers

The volunteers first attend a workshop on exhibition preparation and use the training they receive to organize the main exhibitions included in the festival. When their training is completed, they are given a certificate of completion by the mayor of Higashikawa and the members of the jury who determine the Higashikawa Awards.

Their job includes:
All tasks from matting to exhibition of Higashikawa Awards photographs
Preparation of venues for exhibitions and award ceremony
Preparation of the Independent Photography Exhibition
Preparation of the award ceremony and other events and workshops
Serving as members of staff carrying out events and activities
Photographic and video documentation of events and activities

Criteria for Volunteer Staff Applications

Candidates must be at least 18 years old
Number of participants limited to 15
Period of service: July 27 (Friday) to August 6 (Monday), 2018
First meeting at Higashikawa Bunka Gallery on July 27 (Friday), 10;00 A.M.
Final meeting at Higashikawa Bunka Gallery on August 6 (Monday), afternoon
Method of application: After contacting Higashikawa Town Office by telephone, fill out the application form and send it in by regular mail, fax, or email.

Application deadline: May 20 (if there are more applications than available positions, the choice will be made by lot). Applicants will be contacted directly to let them know whether or not they have been accepted.
Travel expenses to and from Higashikawa will be borne by the volunteers. Board and lodging during the stay in Higashikawa will be paid by the Photo Town Higashikawa Executive Committee. Volunteers must be able to serve for the entire period from July 27 (Friday) to August 6 (Monday). It will not be acceptable to start or stop working midway through this period.


Attn.PFF, Photo Town Higashikawa

Higashikawa Bunka Gallery, 1-19-8 Higashi-machi, Higashikawa Town, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido zip code 071-1423

Download application form (pdf) here.
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