The Higashikawa Awards 2018

The Domestic Photographer Award

The 34th Higashikawa Award Winners - Domestic Photographer Award


Lives in Tokyo

For her series of presentations regarding “Views of the Books / BIBLIOTHECA Series” (USHIMAODA / Genki-Shobo, 2016-17)

Born in Tokyo in 1940. Graduated from Kuwasawa Design School in 1963. Worked for KDS and Tokyo Zokei University as a lecturer from 1966 to 1978. Started working as a freelance photographer in 1975.
 While shooting daily lives, she turned her eyes to the refrigerator which emitted a pronounced presence. Since 1981, she has been shooting series “Refrigerator” in which one can see the diverse lifestyles of various families which are not readily apparent. Other than that, she has “hats” series which could be seen as soft sculptures and she also has a series in which she documented the common people in China with photos and essays with her photographer husband Shimao Shinzo.
 Has been shooting the books and their environment as a main theme since 1995. Made a trilogy with the documentary photo “Images Nostalgiques De L’editeur / Nostalgic Pictures of the Former Misuzu Shobo Publishing Office Building” (Genki shobo, 2016) recording the old building and people working there, “My Teacher’s Atelier” (USHIMAODA, 2017) capturing her respected late former teacher Otsuji Kiyoji and “Views of the Books / BIBLIOTHECA Series” (Ibid., 2017) shooting the distinct characteristics of aged books stored in libraries and personal residences. She Won the 37th Domon Ken Award and Photographic Society of Japan Awards in 2018.

  • I took a photo of an “Elementary School Japanese Dictionary”with so many bookmarks that it looks like broccoli.

    An elementary school in Kyoto

  • An old accounting ledger. Unused.A name is written in ink on the cover.but I couldn’t read one of the characters.

    Yoko Ono collection

  • Uncut books are piled up.

    Waseda University Library, Special Collections

  • TIPPENNY-TUPPENNY's DOLLY BOOK, A British miniature children’s book.

    Waseda University Library

  • The president of a metal movable type printing company and three workmen work so hard like a printing type or printing machine part.

    Naigai Moji Insatsu Co., Ltd. (Itabashi, Tokyo)

  • Inside the bookstore there are sea-like mounds of books.In the middle, the manager sinks to the bottom with a satisfied look.

    Inside of Adonis Antiquarian Bookshop and shopkeeper Tadahiko Miyawaki.

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