The Higashikawa Awards 2018

Hidano Kazuemon Award

The 34th Higashikawa Award Winners - Hidano Kazuuemon Award


Lives in Kanagawa

For his activities with continued fixed point photography of Tokyo, including the photobook, “Record of a Transforming City” (Hakuyosha, 2017)

Was born in Mie prefecture in 1926. Was a suicide corps pilot when the war finished. After working at the Tokai District Transport Bureau of the Ministry of Transport, and The Nikkan Sports News, He has worked for the National Personnel Authority, public relations, since 1951.
 Compelled by the urge to keep a record of the burnt-out ruins and how Japan would move forward, he started taking documentary photographs beside his work. He came up with the idea of shooting at a fixed point hoping that if he kept shooting the same objects, at the same place, using the same camera, he would learn various things if he saw the photos all together later. Shot the same spots at main station fronts, intersections, squares, roadways of the metropolitan areas and captured Tokyo’s transfiguration during its high economic growth.
 Won the first Newcomer’s Award of the Photographic Society of Japan in 1958 with “1000 days of mother and child” recording the growth record of a family. Keeps shooting his family at the same intersection of Ginza 4-chome, it is a record of a family as well as the town scenery and the changes of the passers-by.
 Main Photography books include “When the cars were treasured- Tomioka Keiso Documentary Photography” (NIPPON CAMERA, 2003) and “Tomioka Keiso eye-witness series – Record of a Transforming City” (Hakuyosha Publishing Co., Ltd., 2017). Even now, he is regularly featured in a magazine “NIPPON CAMERA” with Tomioka Keiso’s “Daily record - my photographic memoirs”. His daughter Tomioka Michiko and his granddaughter, Uzawa Tamami have followed in his footsteps by taking photos of the same places and they also curate his more than 400,000 photographs.

    “Fixed Point Photography of Sukiyabashi Intersection” 

  • Nichigeki (Nihon Gekijo Theatre) at Sukiyabashi intersection


  • Nichigeki and Denki Kaikan photographed at Sukiyabashi intersection


  • Sukiyabashi intersection with high rise developments


  • “Fixed Point Photography of Hibiya intersection” 

  • Hibiya intersection during subway construction


  • Hibiya intersection with re-developed roads


  • Hibiya intersection with high rise building developments


  • “Fixed Point Photography of Families at Ginza Yon-chome” 

  • Scene of a mother and children with a streetcar running and a willow tree in the background at Chuo-dori street, Ginza Yon-chome.


  • Flashy Chuo-dori street, Ginza, with the glass-walled cylindrical Sanai building in the background.


  • Daughter, her husband, and grandchild walking with Ginza Yon-chome in the background.


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