About the Gallery

Higashikawa Bunka Gallery is a place for the locals and other people to exhibit their art, as well as a place where one can enjoy and appreciate excellent artistic and cultural works of photography.
In addition to hosting various exhibitions, the Gallery can also be rented for individual or group events.

Gallery Rental

1. How To Apply

  • Those who wish to exhibit their work at the Gallery need to submit their Application Form 6 months before the desired exhibition starting date.
  • The applicant will be contacted after the application form is examined.
  • The application might be denied or permission withdrawn if any of the following apply:
    – the violation of the “Higashikawa Bunka Gallery Rules and Regulations”;
    – the violation of the “House Rules” and “Other Rules”;
    – in case of a natural disaster or other emergency that disallows the use of the Gallery;
    – in any other case that would be against the public interest.

Necessary Documents
(1) Application Form
(2) The Description of the Exhibition (2L-size printed material or about 20 slides)

2. Rental Period & Hours

  • The space is available for 2 weeks, but the length of period can be negotiable and changed depending on circumstances.
  • Hours: 10:00-17:00 (the closing time on the last day of the exhibition is 15:00)
    *Hours can be changed depending on circumstances.
  • The Gallery closes for the New Year’s holidays (Dec 31 – Jan 5), as well as for occasional maintenance, cleaning and exhibition setups.

3. Exhibition Costs & Equipment

1) Rental Fees

Floor space less than 180㎡: 1,050 yen/day
Floor space more than 180㎡: 2,100 yen/day

使用展示室 使用床面積 料金(1日辺り)
Room No.1 10㎡ 1,050 yen/day
Room No.2 176㎡ 1,050 yen/day
Room No.3 168㎡ 1,050 yen/day
Room No.4 56㎡ 1,050 yen/day
Room No.1 + Room No.2 280㎡ 2,100 yen/day
Room No.2 + Room No.3 344㎡ 2,100 yen/day
Room No.1 + Room No.3 448㎡ 2,100 yen/day

*Rental Fee is calculated from the exhibition start date until the exhibition end date (preparation days not included)
*Please pay by the due date (the bill will be issued after your application is accepted)
*The fee is non-refundable, except for the following cases:
1) in the event that the Gallery cannot be used due to a reason that is not the applicant’s responsibility (100% refund)
2) in the event that the reservation is cancelled 30 days before the exhibition starting date due to a reasonable reason (100% refund)
3) in the event that the reservation is cancelled 10 days before the exhibition starting date due to a reasonable reason (50% refund)

2) Available Equipment (Frames & Window Mats)

The Gallery offers frames and window mats that can be used for the exhibition purposes at the Gallery (free of charge). However, the number of frames and mats is limited, therefore, if you wish to use them, indicate so when submitting the Application Form.

3) Exhibition Set-Up & Take-Down

  • Following the Gallery staff directions, renters are expected to set up and take down their own exhibition. If you are not able to do this, you should consult the Gallery staff.
  • The Gallery provides basic equipment such as nails, a hammer, wire, etc. Other necessary equipment must be provided by renters themselves.
  • Renters are responsible for covering the moving and packing expenses of the exhibiting works. Consult the Gallery staff if you wish to bring the exhibiting works into the Gallery in advance.
  • Renters must inform the Gallery staff after finishing the clean-up. In the event of any damages or losses occurring to the Gallery or its equipment, renters will be billed accordingly.

4) Display Materials

  • Renters are responsible for providing their own panels, artist profiles, labels, nametags, and other display materials.
  • The Gallery will provide direction signs and the exhibition title at the entrance of the Gallery.

5) Advertising & Promotional Materials

  • Renters are responsible for providing their own posters, postcards or any other promotional materials (if desired).
  • The Gallery usually promotes their exhibitions by making posters and putting the information about the events in newspapers and magazines.

4. House Rules

1) Eating, drinking, smoking

  • Eating, drinking and smoking is only allowed in designated areas (eating & drinking – in front of the vending machines; smoking – in a designated smoking area).
  • If you wish to hold an opening party, consult the Gallery staff.

2) Sales

  • If you wish to sell the exhibited artworks, photo books, postcards or any other materials, consult the Gallery (the Gallery charges a 20% commission on all sales).
  • Renters are responsible for providing the display materials for the items up for sale.

3) Exhibition Rules

  • The Gallery is not responsible for any breakage, loss or damage of the exhibited works during the exhibition period.
  • Renters must not leave behind any packing materials, undisplayed artworks, etc.
  • The exhibition might be cancelled if any of the following apply:
    – in case the exhibited works considerably differ from how they were described in the application;
    – in case the exhibited works are offensive or contrary to the public interest and morals;
    – in case the renter causes inconvenience to other exhibitors or visitors at the Gallery;
    – in case the renter does not follow the Gallery staff directions.

5. Other Rules

  • Please consult the Gallery about the details of the exhibition (necessary equipment, etc.) as soon as the exhibition date is decided.
  • The permission to rent the Gallery cannot be transferred or sold to the third parties.
  • These rules can be changed without notice.

文化ギャラリー 館内平面図

文化ギャラリー 展示室平面図

Rental Frames & Window Mats
Frame size Mat size Number of pieces
16*20 inches 406*508 mm 250
20*24 inches 508*609 mm 280
24*30 inches 609*762 mm 100
Exhibition Walls
* The minimum wall length necessary for each frame size without using portable exhibition walls/room dividers (interval between pictures: 20 cm).
Room Total wall length Frame size:
16*20 inches
Frame size:
20*24 inches
Frame size:
24*30 inches
Room No.1 28.8m 38 pcs 32 pcs 27 pcs
Room No.2 46.2m 62 pcs 54 pcs 46 pcs
Room No.3 51.2m 68 pcs 60 pcs 50 pcs
Room No.4 14.4m 20 pcs 16 pcs 13 pcs


Portable Exhibition Walls (Room Dividers)
Size (Width x Height x Thickness)
3,600 x 2,400 x 600mm (11 pieces)
2,700 x 2,400 x 600mm (6 pieces)
1,800 x 2,400 x 600mm (5 pieces)
1,800 x 2,400 x 600mm (L Shape, 5 pieces)