Portfolio review

Open Portfolio Review

August 3 (Sat) 10:00-12:05 / August 4 (Sun) 10:00-12:05 / at The Red Brick Warehouses (pre-application required; free to observe)

The Town of Photography holds a unique portfolio review that gives people, regardless of their age or career choices, a chance to meet with representatives from the worlds of photography and publishing. It is not only a place to get feedback about your work, but also an opportunity to promote it and expand your network. This year we will be having 6 reviewers, and each participant will have 20 minutes to discuss and get feedback about their work.


  • Exhibition

    July 31 (Sat) – September 1 (Wed) at Higashikawa Bunka Gallery *Ribbon Cutting Ceremony: July 31 (Sat) The exhibition contains photographs that have been awarded the Overseas Photographer Award, the Domestic Photographer Award, the Special Photographer Award, and the Hidano Kazuuemon Award.

  • Event

    August 1 (Sun)  at Higashikawa Bunka Gallery People have an opportunity to meet with the award winning photographers at the artwork exhibition venue and discover the secrets of creating photography.